JAMSO was founded with a focus on trust and serviceability for smaller blockchain networks and their users. Chains and tokens that are newly coming on the scene and gaining traction often face barriers to entry put up by centralized exchanges, meaning it is often hard for these smaller networks to get their tokens traded in public places. Now, enter JAMSO. Even more than just being another OTC, we ended up taking it a step further.

Trust is hard to come by these days in the crypto-sphere, and we decided to show our commitment to users in this regard by going a fully legal route. In doing so, JAMSO was registered under the Laws and Regulations of the State of Wyoming and the United States of America, our founding jurisdiction, as well as being fully compliant with cryptocurrency service laws in the international countries that we operate.

The team at JAMSO is committed to serving its clients with best-in-its-class service, all the while focused on helping and improving the communities it serves. Always feel free to contact the team on telegram to discuss new trading pairs, site or account issues, expanded serviceability, or even just chat.