How It Works

Our white-glove service is not only the best bang for its buck on the market, but it’s also the most trustworthy. Feel free to browse our site and see all orders as well as public data for volume, trade price, and open orders. JAMSO is personalized, as every time you put in a trade our team will contact you personally, performing the trade on your behalf. Because of this, clients can also contact an OTC admin directly to input a trade (@jamsoexchange)

Buyers pay a percentage fee based on our rates table. View our rates here.

How to use the exchange through the website

Buyers and users should access the Exchange tab and put an order in, a bid, or want to buy (WTB), or an ask, a want to sell (WTS), filling in amount, minimum fillable amount, and rate of exchange they would like.

Orders are binding once a counterparty accepts the terms, but before that a user can cancel a bid or ask at any time.

If the fill button is clickable, the order can be filled!

Filling Orders

Trades filled on the website will be met when the JAMSO admin contacts both parties on telegram or through email and successfully receives funds from both parties Receipt of funds occurs as follows:

  • Buyers will send their USDC amounts to the admin with an extra 5% on their order amount to cover fees.
  • Sellers will send the full volume of what they are selling to the OTC admin.
  • The OTC admin will then distribute the fund to each party to the sale, competing the trade.


Any questions or concerns, please reach out to us through telegram. We are here to help!